Inner Work as a means to Awakening

you are more than you think you are

Have you ever had the feeling that there's something more to you than what you've been told? More than meets the eye? A deep sense of knowing that you are bigger than you've ever been led to believe?

In the yoga tradition there is a distinction between the self and the Self. The self is the ego, which is everything you think you are: your personality, your preferences, your mind, your emotions and especially your mind chatter (vritti). The Self is the real you, the you that exists beyond all that. Yoga is a way to the Self.

How do I discover my Self?

Well, that is precisely the purpose of this site.

The short answer is, "look within." But how do you do that?

In my blog I’ll tell you how to look within- how to do inner work.


What does it mean to be spiritual?

Everything is spiritual, so whether you want to be or not, you already are. From my experience, a deeper sense of feeling spiritual comes as a result of expanding your awareness. This can be achieved through an array of various practices; yoga and meditation being predominant in my personal practice.


You can expand your awareness all the time

I've found that in observing my thoughts, questioning their validity and learning that there is a difference between what I've been led to believe and what is true I come closer to my Self. The Self is Truth.


Sat Nam= my identity is truth


By observing our own minds, thought patterns and the running subconscious "program," we can begin to break free of our mental and emotional conditioning and step into our true power, our Self. It's moksha, liberation. And this is the goal of yoga or any spiritual undertaking. It is our birthright to be free. My intention is to show you the door to truth and give you the tools to find the key to unlock it yourself.

Wisdom comes from doing the work. Inner work. A willingness to work hard yields the sweetest fruit.